måndag 7 juni 2010

62. Forntida

Undra hur kallt det var egentligen att bo i dem där en gång i tiden? Läste just en bok, att på vissa ställe var murren mer än 2 meter tjock. Det sägs att vi i släkten har ägt Glimminghus.

Glimmingehus, located in Simrishamn Municipality, Skåne County in southern Sweden, is the best preserved medieval castle in Scandinavia. It was built 1499-1506, during an era when Scania formed a vital part of Denmark, and contains many defensive arrangements of the era, such as parapets, false doors and dead-end corridors, 'murder-holes' for pouring boiling pitch over the attackers, moats, drawbridges and various other forms of death traps to surprise trespassers and protect the nobles against peasant uprisings. The lower part of the castle's stone walls are 2.4 meters (94 inches) thick and the upper part 1.8 meters (71 inches).
Construction was started in 1499 by the Danish knight Jens Holgersen Ulfstand and stone-cutter-mason and architect Adam van Düren, a North German master who also worked on Lund Cathedral. Construction was completed in 1506.

(The photo is from another castell)

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